Where not to host your RoR

I was recently looking for a hosting company for my new RoR Project
and found www.host2day.com
What a mess that turned out to be. Their Rails support (ha, ha) was
way out of date, and when I realized that it was just not going to
work (within a few days) I asked through the billing to cancel. They
refused, and threaten lawsuits and bank fees! For a laugh here is some
of the email banter between me and them…

Me: I would like to cancel my hosting with host2day. I have developed
a Ruby on Rails application, but after studying your hosting plan
closer, your level of support for Ruby on Rails is not sufficient to
host my application. As your logs will indicate, I have not accessed,
nor used any part of the hosting.

Them: Ein Vertragsrücktritt ist ausgeschlossen und benötigt in jedem
Fall die schriftliche Kündigung.
(translated: A reversal of your contract is not possible and besides,
you have to send it to us in writing)

Me: It has been proven in courts of law in Europe that email
constitutes a “Schriftliche Kündigung”. As a server company that would
also like to open up internationally and deal with American and
Canadian customers in 2009, Customer Service is also very important.
When a user has not used your services, and requests a cancelation…
the company should gracefully accept this and move on to customers
that they can serve.

Them: Please pay their bill on time. reminders are charged. The
termination must without exception be made in writing (mail or fax).

Me: Ok, I will pay. But now I will start my campaign in US Forums and
blogs about this company! Thank god for the internet and how you can
reach millions with a few lines of codes and some good emails on some
key fellow developers.

Them: At a dissemination of false information we bring them to court
(we are soon in washington [Host2Day Inc.]).

Me: What information would be false? I wanted a server for my RoR
project, found the service was not up to current standards and humbly
asked them to not charge me for a service I did not use, nor can use.
Company refused… Nothing false in that statement. What any right
minded company would do with a dissatisfied customer is say “Gee we
are really sorry that our excellent service did not meet your
requirements, but please consider us for your future needs.” That is
what a customer service minded company does…

Them: Übrigens, können Sie mit uns auch in Deutsch kommunizieren, oder
wollen Sie wirklich behaupten, dass Sie in den USA wohnen und
überDeutschland im Internet surfen (erst noch über Kabel Deutschland)?
(translated: I guess we can talk in German, or would you have us
believe you live in the US and not in Germany, surfing with Kabel

This is where I really had to laugh. We know where you live!! Anyway,
I asked them once again to waive a fee for something I cannot use and
they told me to call support.

I am using www.hostingrails.com, and they are great! I can recommend
them 100%