Where is the Source Code --> Re: A GnuRadio based IP network using a TAP/TUN interface

GNURadio Members,

Does anyone have any new information on this?

I thought they were going to be releasing the Source Code for this.

Any new NEWS :slight_smile: ?

Meenal mpant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

  • Hello all,*
  • We have successfully deployed a GnuRadio based IP* *network using a TAP/TUN *interface between two machines connected with a loop
  • back cable. GnuRadio **is used as the physical layer.

We use a slotted **ALOHA based MAC layer, which has been developed here at NCSA.
As a first pass we were able to transmit and receive
*UDP data across the **network.

The source code and details will be* *available on our website *http://www.ncassr.org/projects/sdr/ soon for anyone

  • interested.