Where does merb store the files for a new app?


I intended to follow this tutorial:
http://depixelate.com/2007/5/31/taking-merb-for-a-spin – but then I
created the app with $ merb -g invoice_tracker, and now its folder
structure is nowhere to be found.

I was at ~ and I figure it should be there, but it isn’t. I looked all
over /usr and other folders I could think of and nothing. Spotlight also
can’t seem to find it. I give up.

Any ideas?


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Hey Ralph,

That is a way old tutorial right there. To generate an application
the new merb rc1 you use

merb-gen app my_app

This will generate the my_app directory structure with all the right
in it. including datamapper. Don’t forget to auto_migrate your
database to
get going with

rake db:automigrate



Hey Ralph,

That is a way old tutorial right there.

You’re right. Couldn’t follow through it. Actually, I couldn’t follow
through any tutorial I’ve found online so far. Always got stuck in some
seemingly irrelevant detail like that. Looks like they’re all outdated.

Your help was spot-on, though. Thanks.