Where do you find load errors in view helper?

This is rails3

I wrote a fairly complex view helper for one of my model and there is
apparently a syntax error since the model did not load. I can’t find
anywhere where the error would be logged.

In the console I pasted the method definitions, but it does not report
errors unless called. The methods that do not rely on ActionView will
work, but if I try to access ActionView calls, it is apparently not
loaded since it will baulk at calls like “select_tag”

From the console if I enter:

QuestionsHelper it returns => object (good helper)

AssessmentsHelper returns uninitialized constant, so it did not load.

Any ideas on how to debug this?

Forget it

I not only had the module name misspelled, I forgot the _helper in the
file name when I rewrote the helper.