Where do 'logger.debug' statements go in a production enviro

Specifically within the dreamhost environment (fastcgi)? (that’s the
only place I’ve attempted deploying out to).

I’ve placed a few logger.debug statements in my application but don’t
see them popping up anywhere - production.log, error.log … and I
have no idea where it might be going out to?

Or should I use something like logger.error?

thanks for the help!

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just tracked something down that said to try logger.warn and that
seems to be doing the trick.

carry on :slight_smile:

Rails uses built-in Ruby Logger class and sets logging level based on
running environment.

INFO for production and DEBUG for all other environments.

As you can see from the Ruby documentation, the order of levels is
FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG and logger only logs messages in lower
levels, so it doesn’t log debug messages when the level is INFO.

Look here for more info:


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thanks for the help!

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This is all extremely helpful information. Thank you, Husein, for the
follow up with all the goods!

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