Where can a person learn about server setup?

I have a .net history where deploying apps was a lot less involved.

Does anyone have any recommendations on books, sites, etc where a person
could become more familiar with Load Balancers, reverse proxies, etc
that are involved in setting up a server. There is so much talk in this
area when someone mentions rails deployment and I only understand the
basics of the basics.

So I am looking for a good overview as well as something that would
provide info of how everything is actually tied together.


On 10/1/07, Chris O. [email protected] wrote:

Does anyone have any recommendations on books, sites

Here is the book you are looking for:

And here is a package that will make deployment much easier, if you are deploying to a Linux: http://rubyworks.thoughtworks.com

Alexey V.
CruiseControl.rb [http://cruisecontrolrb.thoughtworks.com]
RubyWorks [http://rubyworks.thoughtworks.com]