When to use $DEBUG and $VERBOSE

Ok, so I have a bin script and like so many other’s use some common
options such as --verbose and --debug. Generally I have been keeping
these flags in an options hash, specific to my app. But I wondering if
perhaps these may just as well use the global vars. Is that a good
practice, or are these globals specifically for something more
specialized for use by developers and should not be used by

If these globals are generally useful to applications, I note that a
$NOOP global for FileUtils methods seems useful.

well, setting $VERBOSE will also tamper with the display of warnings
issued by ruby, so it depends if that is included in what you want to
with --verbose.

In general, you could probably tie --debug to $DEBUG since to me that’s
a developer’s switch.

–verbose on the other hand sounds to me like it’s intended for end
so ruby warnings to them will probably only be confusing (e.g. the
insecure directory warning)


2009/9/23 Intransition [email protected]

On Sep 23, 1:40 pm, Fabian S. [email protected]

insecure directory warning)
Thanks. You’re right. And that puts things into perspective for me.
Seems to me $VERBOSE would have been more aptly labeled $WARN --then
$VERBOSE would have been available for CLIs.