When to add multi tenancy?

Hi there,

I’m building a new app that will need to have multi tenancy features and
I’d like to hear some opinions.

When do you guys think is a good time to add multi tenancy feature?
Do you usually add it from the ground up or just at a later stage?


You seem to answer your own question: you already know it’s an
architectural requirement, so I’d suggest including it from the

If it will have some multitenancy requirements, I think your app will
have to be born with it. The perfect time is always in the beginning,
green field coming.

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Thanks for replying.

I’m now deciding on the best approach to take.

I was all set up to use act_as_tenant and devise.
But after reading some of Ryans posts (
Multitenancy with Rails by Ryan Bigg [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]) , I’m not sure this is the best

Any insights on tried and true real world implementations of multi
PS.: I’m looking around for something scope based

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