What's your recommendation re ruby backup scripts for linux backups?


I want to put in place a periodic backup routine for my linux box to
potential disk failure. What command line ruby scripts exists/would you
recommend for this? The features I’m looking for:

  • free/open source

  • command line based (noting my redhat server has no monitor/keyboard)

  • ruby script ideally

  • full backup (i.e. so can use for RESTORE if HDD failure occurs)

  • keeps some level of multiple backups (e.g. last nights, 1 week ago, 1
    month ago)

  • backup to another of my computers (Mac/Windows not sure yet) -
    this will just imply a pre-requisite re file sharing via samba

  • automated (e.g. via cron or otherwise)

So this may be just some simple linux copy commands kicked off by cron,
however the value add would be the backup routine management (e.g. last
nights, 1 week ago, 1 month ago etc).