What's your favorite IDE or Editor for Rails?

Hi all,

I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list of IDEs and Editors for
Rails that people enjoy using. I want to append this list to the “New
to Rails” topic I’ve been expanding upon.

If you could take the time to list out your current IDE and editor and a
brief summary of why you enjoy using it, I would greatly appreciate it.

For those that might not know the difference, and IDE is an “Integrated
Development Environment” whereas an editor is normally just an editor…

==(IDE List)==

Netbeans 6.5, Netbeans 6.7

Summary: I recently made the move to Netbeans 6.7 which is still not a
fully developed RC yet. It is incredibly powerful when implemented with
Rails and supports everything related to Rails.


You can perform the following within the IDE without having to use any

All Rake Tasks
All Run Tasks
Autotest, Autospec, Rspec, Unit Test, Code Coverage
Generate/Destroy (all commands, including those enabled through plugins)
Internal IRB shell
Internal Rails Console shell
Supports all web server environments (mongrel, webrick, glassfish, etc.)
Internal Debugging of Scripts
Heavy Javascript support
Heavy HTML support
External widgets like jMaki, jQuery forms, calendars, etc.
Now has a theme that looks just like Textmate (MAC)
Usable in cross-OS development


Memory intensive
Slower than some IDEs
Can be a little congested at times
Some features require that the plugin be installed to use within the IDE

==(Editor List)==

SciTe Editor
– Simple, concise, easy to use
– Supports run commands for Ruby
– Multiple folding and optimizations

That’s my start…

As an extra add,

Netbeans more formerly is used with jRuby development. However, I do
not use jRuby so therefore I cannot comment on that piece within

Älphä Blüë wrote:

Hi all,

I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list of IDEs and Editors for
Rails that people enjoy using.

Please, let’s not start another thread on this. There’s lots of info in
the list archives if one bothers to search.


Marnen Laibow-Koser
[email protected]

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