Whats the best gui you can get for ruby

I do not like shoes i have all ready tried it .

I find that the wx* flavor of gui toolkits work best, which for ruby
would be wxRuby. Tk tends to be the simplest (other than

There are monthly threads on 'What is the best gui toolkit?", so you can
search for them if you are interested.

hi -

if you can get gtk2 up and running, i strongly recommend it - it’s got
good documentation, is well supported, and provides native widgets that
‘look right’ with your system.

there are plenty of threads on this forum about gui’s - give it a
search, and try out a few…


Le 31 mars 2011 03:19:02 UTC+2, Austin Vetter A. [email protected]
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I do not like shoes i have all ready tried it .

I haven’t started GUI programming with Ruby, but I have seen my
using QtRuby and OpenGL. He is doing 3-D designing using QtRuby and
I have sampled his work and it 's great!

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