What works for you when you use git on windows?

I’m having bad times trying to just pull my fork on Windows. So far I
pulled from the Mac, and used a shared folder inside a Parallels VM to
what I needed. Now that I want to edit the IronRuby code under
Parallels is just too slow on my machine for that. I need to be able to
from BootCamp directly.

So for those forking and patching on windows, what’s your current git
? Do you use msysgit ? Passphrase or not ? Plink ?

Any idea of what is supposed to work will be helpful.


– Thibaut

I use msysgit with openssl… that works properly for me.
The thing is that when the installer asks you how much it can mess with
system. that you choose the second option so you can use it with
or cmd

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On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Thibaut Barrère
<[email protected]

Hi Ivan,

thanks - based on your input I could narrow the issue and managed to
pull the code out.

In case that’s useful to someone else: if you have accents in your
name and have trouble pulling from git, check out c:\documents and
settings - I had 3 folders instead of one here (“Barrère” and
corrupted versions).

The fix was to:

  • remove all duplicate folders
  • uninstall cygwin, tortoisegit and msysgit
  • reinstall msysgit
  • add the following line at the top of c:\program files\git\etc\profile
    export HOME="/c/program files/git/home"
  • create the git/home folder
  • recreate the ssh key following github guidelines at

cheers, thanks again,

– Thibaut

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 12:44 PM, Ivan Porto C.

Hi Daniele,

thanks for the feedback!


– Thibaut

Hi Thibaut,

I use msysgit 1.6.2 configured to run with openssl (plink gave me
problems in the past with msysgit < 1.6) and I choose “Run Git from
the windows command prompt” when asked for adjustments of the PATH.
Also, I choose “Commit line endings as they are” just to have control
of what and how I am committing.

Daniele A.

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 12:14, Thibaut Barrère

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