What to do when Rails generated select statements don't work

Running FC6 with RoR 1.1.6
I’m using a custom type called ‘uuid’ based on code from this project.

Here’s a description of the ksessions table.

Table “public.ksessions”
Column | Type |
title | text | not null
description | text | not null
public | boolean | not null default false
id | uuid | not null default uuid_time()
user_id | uuid | not null

Here’s the automatically generated SQL that returns 0 rows…

kapture_development=> select ksessions.“id” from ksessions where
(ksessions.“id” = ‘67794c52-d0cd-11db-9a81-000d5679aec6’);

(0 rows)

Here’s my SQL that returns the exact row I’m looking for…

kapture_development=> select ksessions.“id” from ksessions where
uuid_eq(ksessions.“id”,‘67794c52-d0cd-11db-9a81-000d5679aec6’) = ‘1’;

(1 row)

Where in the world do I fix this? I imagine I need to tell something
use this uuid_eq function instead of the ‘=’ operator for each
comparison/look up.

I’m guessing this involves messing with Rails or Active_RBAC somehow.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.