What the hell is happening with 'facets'

have a look at this link:


and have a look at facets. version 1.4.0 is about 355kb, version 1.4.1
jumps up to 1000kb, version 1.4.2 is 590kb. it keeps growing (up and
down) till version 1.4.5 (950kb). Then suddenly becomes version 1.7.0
weighing in at less than 500kb.

Thank goodness I don’t use this library! Is it something started on
April 1st maybe??

It’s just the RDocs.

They shouldn;t be in the pacakge, but sometimes they were included b/c
I’ve been working on the system that packages it up.


Simon H. wrote:

April 1st maybe??
I was rather suprised when I noticed it too! :wink:

Simple explination. I’ve been working on some major revisions to Reap
which is used to package Facets. A bugs snuck in there a couple times
that I did not catch until recently where it wasn’t excluding the
generatated rdocs from the distributable package (the rdocs are
generated for publication to the webpage). So that extra size is the
just the rdocs (as big as they are!) and shouldn’t normally be there.


That explains that Trans. Cheers.

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