What the heck - corruped mongrel server?

I’m running a new instillation of rails on osx

With some minor headaches and some bizarre puzzles still unsolved like
the “Stack level too deep” error when I run a ruby scrip within the
rails environment, but works fine on the command line…

Anyway, now I get a NoMethodError every time I open a page using a
different conroller. When I shut the server (mongrel) down and reboot,
the page giving me a NoMethodError works perfectly until I link to a
page using another controller. There is no problem with the code as it
runs perfectly with a mongrel reboot, and I can load the page over and
over again with different parameters and get the results I expect.
What’s corrupting mongrel instantaneously whenever I use a different

Generally the NoMethodError comes from a call to something like this

@globalvariable = ClassName.find(params[:id])

@globalvariable.relatedtableviaid.each do |d|

I get a NoMethodError with an undefined method for the related table
until I reboot mongrel.

All my models are set up correctly with belongs_to and has_many etc.

See the patch to active_support in changeset 6426, below. Not sure if
your problem is the same, but sounds as if it could be. I didn’t move
all the way to edge, just applied the one patch, and my NoMethodError
problems have vanished.