What tag do we ideally make use of in Rails 2.0.2(basically below 2.3.x series) for ajax calls like

Hello all,

I am making use of Rails 2.0.2 series for project specific purposes. I
have come across some documentation for remote_form_for in:-


I basically wanted to use an appropriate Rails form tag (whether it be
form_for/form_tag/form_remote_tag or anything else) which I could make
use of for ajax calls like that file uploads and that for file display.

I found that remote_form_for could be one of the options from

Is that the ideal option for ajax calls, what would you recommend?

Is there a link/tutorial where I can find where each of the above
mentioned tags generally used in rails based on user requirements? I
guess differences between each of them would help me best decide when to
use which…

Thanks for your suggestions…