What skills do you need for Ruby On Rails?

Hi, I know that may have an obvious answer, but as far as running
rails is concerned, what skillset would an experienced web application
developer need to start using RoR? This assumes I understand OOP/D
and MVC design patterns. I have used asp.net and j2ee (and python

My guess is just Ruby and that you can configure your server (tomcat,
iis, etc.) to use the rails framework.


When you say running, if you’re referring to deploying and maintaining
apps, this is a bit of a point of contention at the moment within the
RoR community. If you want to deploy within a Java-centric
environment, check out JRuby and warbler (http://jruby.codehaus.org/,


It’ll be rails in websphere. I believe it will be using java and

You need to learn Ruby, obviously, but you also need to learn the
Rails framework, which for many people is actually the bigger

You should be able to quickly pick up the bits of Ruby you need, if
you have an OOP background, but it takes a while to become familiar
with all the pieces of Rails and how to use them effectively. You’ll
also need to learn some of the Rails-specific deployment issues, if
you’re going to be responsible for a production server.

The screencasts at www.LearningRails.com, of which I’m coauthor, may
be a little novice-oriented for you but will get you started.

Michael S.

Sorry I didn’t say this in my other response, but if I am going to be
doing this in websphere in a java centric world. Would it do me any
good to simply learn the first part, RoR? I’m sure that once ror is
installed on websphere it the rest of j2ee will be available. But my
thinking is that before my project starts I can at least be familiar
enough with “regular” rails to use it when it is installed on
websphere. The ror framework would change enough that it’d be a
different product just because it’s on the j2ee platform would it?
Maybe just regular ror install for now would suffice? Thanks.