What seems to be a fcgi error

i’m trying to get ror running for radiant on my shared server. i know
that it’s pointed to the right directory and everything but I think
the dispatch.fcgi is having problems.

this is what shows up on the page. I don’t know where to look to solve
this because I’m a total newbie! thx!


You may specify the path to the FastCGI crash log (a log of


exceptions which forced the FastCGI instance to exit, great for


and the number of requests to process before running garbage


By default, the FastCGI crash log is RAILS_ROOT/log/


and the GC period is nil (turned off). A reasonable number of


could range from 10-100 depending on the memory footprint of your



# Default log path, normal GC behavior.


# Default log path, 50 requests between GC.

RailsFCGIHandler.process! nil, 50

# Custom log path, normal GC behavior.

RailsFCGIHandler.process! ‘/var/log/myapp_fcgi_crash.log’

require File.dirname(FILE) + “/…/config/environment”
require ‘fcgi_handler’


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