What might prevent hot deployment with JRuby + Jetty?

I’m developing a JRuby on Rails application on top of Google App Engine
Java which uses the Jetty server integrated into Eclipse.

Development is painfully slow - to the point of being impossible -
in Eclipse I must restart the development server every time I make a
to my Ruby code in order to be able to see that change reflected in my
running app.

From what I’ve read elsewhere, this is not a common problem with Jetty.
developers can hot deploy servlets/JSPs to Jetty.

So I’m wondering what it might be about JRuby or Ruby development on top
Jetty that might make this a necessity.

Anyone care to hazard a wild guess?

have you tried to use jetty-rails? perhaps it shows you any clue.

Oh wow, that looks like it might do the job. Thank you, Mr Calavera.
wait to try that out.

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 12:42 PM, David C.