What kind of performance can I expect?

I’m working on an app, and put it up on a server that’s basically a
clone of our production server. Tailing the production log, I see
“Completed in 0.05542 (18 reqs/sec)” a lot, and it’s almost always 18
req/s. I haven’t done any optimization or performance tuning yet…I
just want to know what kind of performance I should expect. Is 18
req/s really crappy? For this particular page I’m looking at, I won’t
be able to do any caching - it generates mostly random stuff.

Playing around with the app, it feels responsive. I’d just like to
know what I can expect from this, if I’m going to have to do hardcore
optimization, etc.


18 req/sec is pretty decent. If you were actually able to get that many
a constant rate, you’d (in theory) be able to process

64,000 req/hour
518,000 requests / 8 hour day
1,555,200 requests per day

Of course, there’s more to measure than just that. Make sure you look
the times of the requests. Your app may be handling 18 req/second, but
long does that 19th request have to wait before it gets a response?

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