What is the difference between Streams To Stream and Streams to Vector

Hi all!

I am recording data from two USRP:s and I want to put the data into one
file sink.
I think I could do it by using the Streams To Vector block and then
changing the vector parameter in the file sink to 2.

  1. How would I read that data in e.g. Matlab. Right now I am using the
    read_complex_binary function when I don’t have a vector input. Is the
    format the same just that every second variable is from element 2 of the
    vector input?

  2. There is also the Streams To Stream block. What would the difference
    if I connected that block to the two USRP source blocks and then the
    to a file sink, would that be the same as in Q1?

  3. Could I read myself to this information anywhere?

Thank you very much!

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Hi Carl,

I can’t answer the question for you directly, but I can give you a way
figure it out.

Use two vector source blocks to generate two different known streams.
first stream vector would be [1,3,5,7,…], a list of odd numbers
long you want to make it. Set the block to repeat this. The second
would be [0,2,4,6,…], a list of even numbers. Feed these two streams
your Streams to Vector block and dump it to a file. Now inspect the file
and see how these two streams were merged together.

Hope that helps.


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