What is a recommended static code analysis tool for JRuby?


Is there a static code analysis tool for JRuby? I could find some tools
that perform code analysis for Ruby - such as Roodi, Flog… But couldnt
find anything for JRuby. Can these be used? OR any tools i can modify to
analyse JRuby code as well? any points are appreciated.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. That helps.

Ruby analysis tools should work fine for JRuby, shouldn’t they?

If you’re looking for something that checks jruby-specific issues,
there’s jruby-lint, written by Nick S.:

"See how ready your Ruby code is to run on JRuby.

“JRuby-Lint is a simple tool that allows you to check your project code
and configuration for common gotchas and issues that might make it
difficult to run your code on JRuby.”

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett