What does the onboard FPGA now and how can I realtime proces

I’m working with analyzing WLAN signals and plan to use the onboard
to process the signal.
I wonder what does this FPGA do by default? Is there any documents
What I need to do is before saving the I&Q signal samples to files, do
correlation and time stamping on the incoming samples. Is this possible
do by the FPGA? I mean, can I feed the realtime stream to FPGA and
it? And if so, how? Is there some python functions which do this?
I would be very grateful if I can get some help.

I don’t think now there is available GNU radio modules for WLAN
tranceiver. The FPGA is used as DDC/DUC.
Maybe you can directly save the signal into files and then do the
correlation or other processing.


2006/10/5, Lin Ji [email protected]:

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