Weirdness with validates_presence_of


I have a call to validates_presence_of in my model and it is behaving

my first stab when this happened during testing was

validates_presence_of :impact, :ease_to_implement if { |record|
!record.cost_estimate.nil? }

I have three values in my model that I care about with this one.
what I’m trying to get to happen is
if one is there they all must be there. (there are a couple more of
validates_presence_of with the orders swapped around)

but this executes the validation every time regardless of if there is
any of
these set.

From here I tried some other things… The most basic that I tried was

validates_presence_of :impact if{ false }
and also
validates_presence_of :impact if{ true }

and the validation still happened in my test. (also in the console)

What is going on??

Windoze XP
ruby 1.8.4
rails 1.1.2

Sorry to post a reply to my own post.

A bit simple really.

the if should be an argument to the method ie. v_p_o :impact, :if =>{ some thing } instead of v_p_o :impact if …

Hi Daniel,

Daniel N wrote:

Sorry to post a reply to my own post.

No need to apologize for what is, in fact, the preferred behavior. If
everyone did this it would be a lot easier for folks to use the archives
find answers to their problems which, in turn, would increase bandwidth
the list to address new problems. Good on you, bud.

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