Weird SyntaxError Exception after upgrade to Rails 1.2.1


I am developing an application using InstantRails 1.4.

Until now, the application have worked perfectly, but then I decided to
try and upgrade to Rails 1.2.1.

I did it with the freeze method:
rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_1-2-1

And started the server. After that, I get the following error on my
front page (click on address to see screenshot):

Apparently Rails (or Ruby) is now complaining about my <%= render
:partial => ‘shared/ad_box’ %>

Just for curiosity, I tried to change the single-quotes to
double-quotes, and then the error disappeared - but Rails then
complained about similar problems with single-quotes in other places in
my layout file.

What the h*ll’s happening? Is my rails totally broken? I haven’t tried
to reinstall InstantRails yet, but maybe I should…

  • Carsten

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