Weird Script/Server Issue

Hi guys,

I am experiencing something with Rails and wanted to ask if you had any
experience with it.

I have a remote Fedora 2 server running Rails 1.1 on Lighttpd. I have my
firewall down.

Well, when I execute webrick script/server on standard port 3000 (or for
whatever arbitrary port between 1000 to 9999 for that matter), I go to
my browser type in http://X.X.X.X:3000, I keep getting a Timed Out

When I use webrick script/server -p 80, the pages get served properly.

For the -p 3000 situation, when I do a netstat and nmap, port 3000 is
properly set. If I kill webrick, no one is actually using port 3000 -
meaning it’s free…

This is even after a fresh reboot.

Other ports like my postgres 5432 (and consequently moving it around
like connecting it to 3000 temporarily) seems to be just connecting just

It’s such a strange situation, has anyone experienced this and what did
you do to solve it?



just curious to know if you guys think this is a webrick issue or a gem
issue with the database adapter?



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