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Pete W. wrote:

adding a method to the House class that I pass a user id into?

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Thinking about the relationships (rather than representing in AR), I
think there is a difference between owning a house (which is also a
container, as may be an office, or storage place, also the user may own
more than one house), and movable objects (possessions). I would think
the relationship between these containers (ugly name!) and possessions
is one of location, i.e. a container has_one location, a possession
has_one location, a location belongs_to a possession and belongs_to a
location, and a container has_many possessions through location.

Of course you could model the container-possession relationship as a
has_and_belongs_to_many, but I suspect you will want to add attributes
to the relationship, such as when it began (i.e. when it was moved
there), and when it ended.


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