Weird rake problem - RHEL4 versus Ubuntu 7.04

I stumbled on a rake problem while using CruiseControl.rb. I think the
issue is more specific to rake though, so I’m posting about it here.

I’ve added a project to cc.rb, and modified the config script so that it
runs a shell script that contains the following:

#! /bin/sh
rake RAILS_ENV=test db:migrate
rake RAILS_ENV=test test

Here’s my problem. To set the scene, I’m intentionally making a test
fail for the time being.

When I run that script on the Ubuntu machine, and then do a ‘echo $?’, I
receive an ‘1’ as a response… aka an error code, which is to my way of
thinking, correct… and ends up making the cruise control build fail,
which is what I want.

When I do that exact same thing on the Red Hat machine, the rake test
fails, but then when I do the ‘echo $?’, I receive a ‘0’ response code
instead of the ‘1’. This then indicates to cruise control that the
build was good, which is not correct.

Any ideas?

The cause of this problem was identified by someone over on the
cruisecontrol.rb list.