Weird problem - some hidden process?


Not sure if this is the correct forum so here goes.

In development app, after login I have a redirect to welcome index
page. Now, whenever I am in different sections of the web site (hence
different controllers/actions), and I leave the computer alone for a
while (not able to determine after how much time this happens), in the
development console, I notice the welcome index action has been
executed (sometimes another action and then the index page) even
though in the web browser I can see I am still on the other section’s

In other words, something is firing off the calls to my controllers/
methods without my physically doing so in the browser.

Looking forward to any help where I should look to resolve this issue.
Of course, as long as I don’t do anything in the browser, there should
not be any activity in the console too right ? Is there any hidden
process somewhere ?

Best regards

Is the browser you are using Safari 4? If so it will pull the most
accessed websites once in a while…

Hi helmdull

Yes you are right - I am using Safari 4.0.2 !! Jeez that is quite a
coincidence you figured out. If this is the case and I want to test
this cause, how can I turn off the periodic access ?

Thanks so much for this pointer … hope it is the problem.