Weird objects passing to partials


This is a bit of a weird one:

I’ve got a view with a partial. The view has a form_for … do |f|. I
also have a partial. The partial has just one field that I need to
capture, that’s actually part of the object of the form_for (f). I need
this one field to be in a partial, becuase it’s actually part of a
show-hide, and the partial is 1 of 4 that can be shown.

The form works fine for inserting data. But I can’t get the field on
the partial to work with a passed object. If I don’t pass the object,
and just use a text_field_tag - that works, but how do I then capture
the data in the text_field and still put it with the data for the rest
of the form?

Thanks very much in advance for your help!