Weird memory leak when using Observe Field (?)


I have a few users who are complaining that two pages on my website
are “locking up their browser” such that they can’t click on the
javascript menu I have. The only thing in common with the two pages is
that they’re both making very extensive use of observe_field with the
following call:

<%= observe_field :verseguess,
:frequency => 0.6,
:update => ‘ajaxWrapper’,
:url => {:action => ‘feedback’, :only_path => false},
:with => “‘echo=#{@show_feedback}&correct=#{escape_answer(@text)}

Since it’s calling every half second or so and is providing feedback
on a paragraph that people are typing in, it could be calling back to
the server hundreds of times. The response typically executes in about
20ms and the log files are all clean.

My question is this: could this possibly be causing a memory leak? The
result is returned and updated in a feedback box alongside the entry
form and is re-written each call. The “lock up” has only been reported
so far on IE7 on (I suspect) somewhat older laptops. I’ve used a
variety of approaches to look for a memory leak (sIEve, etc) but
nothing has shown up.

I’m hoping that someone wiser might have a bright idea because I’m at
a total loss and the client is increasingly unhappy :frowning: