Weird behavior on Ruby 1.9.1

Hello everyone, I’ve recently installed Rails 3 and beginning using
it, but I found something strange: With a simple app, with no
additional gems required I test using REE and all rails commands
(rails server, rails g, rails console, rake db:wtv and all) work
properly. But when i test the same app and the same commands with Ruby
1.9.1, I get a lot of warnings but after it, the command works. Weird,
isn’t it?

Here are the warnings:

Rodrigo Alves V…

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 3:51 PM, rodrigo3n [email protected] wrote:

Rodrigo Alves V…

Rodrigo, these warnings are OK in regards to Ruby 1.9.1. Furthermore,
Bates current screencast
also discusses this as well which can be found here:

Good luck,


Thanks :slight_smile:

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