Weft QDA 1.0.0 released


Hello everyone

I’m delighted to announce that Weft QDA version 1.0 is now available for
download from http://www.pressure.to/qda/

Weft QDA is a free, open-source tool for analysis of textual qualitative
data for Windows and GNU/Linux. It’s intended for use in social
anthropology, sociology and related disciplines, and offers a solid set
of features in a consistent, modern, platform-native user interface
(provided by WxWidgets and wxruby)

  • code and retrieve text and “coding-on” using hierarchically organised
  • fast free-text search and boolean queries
  • coding statistics and cross-tabulations
  • export to HTML and CSV formats
  • comprehensive user manual in a variety of formats
  • single-file project format (".qdp, provided by SQLite and sqlite-ruby)

It can and has been used successfully for a wide variety of real-life
research projects. it’s particularly suitable for teaching and learning
CAQDAS (Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis)

Many thanks to those who’ve tried beta versions, to the maintainers of
the various dependencies on which Weft QDA is built, and to Rubyforge
hosts and mirrors for a great set of tools for open-source Ruby