WebSockets support in nginx?


I would really like to see support for HTML5 WebSockets in nginx.
However, in the latest version
this isn’t supported yet, all I get is 404 errors. I’ve also read
several places that nginx doesn’t support WebSockets yet.
I think that WebSockets will be a important feature for nginx to
support as more advanced HTML5 web applications
are developed. If or when this is implemented, I would also suggest
that nginx supports gzip compression of Websockets
HTTP communication.

I’m using nginx as a reverse proxy for my web application in
http://www.freeciv.net/ . The main reason I use nginx at the moment
is to gzip the AJAX requests between the client and server. I’m very
impressed with the features and performance of nginx,
so I hope you decide to support WebSockets very soon!


Andreas Rosdal