Websockets - HTTP 1.1 support for backends


Is there a chance nginx will support HTTP 1.1?
Websockets is about to become mainstream and we currently can’t use
nginx as
a proxy in front of a websocket server.
Is there some other solution?


We have all been asking for this for a loooooong time.

Yeah we have and afaik there has been no real answer to when or if nginx
support this. There are patches and modules that enable some of the
stuff from
1.1 but so far I’ve been unable to use nginx for proxying to backends
talking 1.1.
I’ve heard some talk of how “http 1.1 doesn’t really bring anything”
which is completely
untrue. 1.1 isn’t exactly brand new either.

Anyway, I don’t want to come off as bashing nginx here - I love it and I
use it quite alot. I
just think that http 1.1 support in the proxy module should be a high
priority feature which
it doesn’t seem to be. Perhaps not even on any roadmap. Would be nice to
know if there
were any plans for it at all.

23 mar 2011 kl. 01.41 skrev SplitIce:

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