Website Controllers Project

Okay, so right now I am working on my master website controlling rails
program, that will control the static page on many websites (and then
editing, and much more). I am trying to figure out the best way to do
this and any input would be greatly appreciated.

First off, I have several domain names and I need a way of seperating
them for different websites, and determing which to display. Right now
I have a website model to represent an entire domain.

Second, I need to easily link each page… and I want them to be
something better than /websites/webpages/ryankopfpage1. Preferably or something simple enough.

Third, right now each page is represented by the Web_Page model. Right
now each website has_many webpages, and when that site is accessed I’m
going to search through the pages of that website to find the one with
the appropriate title. Is there a simpler way to do all of this? (with
Rails 1.2.6)

svn checkout
svn checkout svn://

Have a look at this. Its not at first release yet but it should give you
some ideas.

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