Website broken in many places

Hey guys

I came to check out the latest 5.0 release (congrats!), but was a bit
disappointed to see that pretty much every link I tried was broken on
the typo site besides the blog. The docs, support,,
and some other links return 403 errors, and trac is down with a python

Looking forward to investigating more once things are up and working =).

  • Rob

Svn seems broken too.

Typo 5.0.2 is working quite well for me, I hope it works for you as

On Jan 16, 2008 8:24 PM, Rob S. [email protected] wrote:

  • Rob

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Kevin W.

Oh crap, seems I’ve brocken something anyway while working on the
server global perfs and security…

It’s back, now


Le 17 janv. 08 à 06:23, Kevin W. a écrit :