WEBrick just decided to take a hiatus on me

Good day all.
This is one of the most frustrating days I have had with Rails in quite
time now (almost 8 months actually).
Yesterday I complete my development and testing and everything is
I head home for the evening and do my things there.
This morning, I come back in and do my typical morning routine of
up eclipse and the usual “ruby script/server” command in windows.

The only problem this morning is all I get is a whole lot of nothing:
=> Booting WEBrick…

That is all she wrote.
Nothing more, nothing less.
No log output, absolutely freaking nothing.
Now, what makes this most peculiar is that yesterday afternoon when I
the machine it worked beautifully.
This morning, however, it dies.

I have uninstalled two plugins that I installed late yesterday afternoon
still to no avail.
Those plugins where simple_date_select and datebox_engine.
I am running the following env:

XP Pro SP2
Ruby 1.8.4
Rails 1.1.2 with the following gems and versions
actionmailer 1.2.1
actionpack 1.12.1
actionwebservices 1.1.2
activerecord 1.14.2
activesupport 1.3.1
db_structure 1.0.2
localization_generator 1.0.0
money 1.7.1
pdf-writer 1.1.2
rake 0.7.1
RedCloth 3.0.4
SimpleSearch 0.5.0
source 0.0.1
transaction-simple 1.3.0

Does anyone have any idea why all of a sudden that things would just
on my box?

Thanks in advance,

Humor me here…
Create a new rails app and then start webrick on that new app. Let me
what happens.

Damon H. wrote:

Does anyone have any idea why all of a sudden that things would just
on my box?

When that’s happened to me, it was because I had other instances of
webrick running that didn’t know about. I went to task manager and
killed every instance of ruby.exe, then ran ruby script\server again and
it started working.

I think sometimes the port doesn’t get closed, and then running webrick
on that same port causes it to hang sometimes.


Brian consider yourslef humored.
I created a new Rails app, and of course, WEBrick started right up. No
So now the question is, what changed and how in the world do I get out
to let me trace this and find out where the issue is.
I mean, unfortunately, no offense or anything, but

=> Booting WEBrick…

doesn’t really do much for me.
Is there a log file I am missing?

Thanks again for the help,