Webrick is being stupid...no info on a brand new project

I created a project, made a migration, generated scaffolding…start
up webrick and I get nothing. To simplify things, I just started
another project and generated a controller, still getting nothing.
The index page loads fine, but nothing beyond that. If I go to
anything that should give me a 404, the page is just blank. The
Webrick console just says a 500 (nothing explaining why), and there’s
nothing in the development.log. There is no server.log (should there
be? I don’t know).

Actually there is something in development.log, but unrelated to my
controller. “Controllers::RailsInfoController: missing default helper
path rails_info_helper”

I’m really clueless as to what’s going on. OS X, Ruby 1.8.2, Rails
0.14.4. I’d appreciate any help.


When I run script/console I get the following error:

baggio:~/work/mesafire pergesu$ ./script/console
Loading development environment.
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/completion.rb:10:in require': No such file to load -- readline (LoadError) from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/completion.rb:10 from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/init.rb:218:inrequire’
from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/init.rb:218:in load_modules' from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/init.rb:216:ineach’
from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/init.rb:216:in load_modules' from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/init.rb:21:insetup’
from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/irb.rb:54:in `start’
from /usr/bin/irb:13

Is my ruby install messed up? Rails? I’ve run fixrbconfig, but I
don’t think that’d have anything to do with this anyway.


You may want to check this web site:


Sounds similar to your problem. Be sure to read the comments
following the article as well.

Alright I ran the steps I needed, script/console runs fine, but I’m
still getting the 500 errors without any info in the browser, in the
console, or in development.log. Thanks for that pointer…now any
clue why the other stuff still isn’t working?


You might try booting lighttpd as follows:

ruby script/server lighttpd

to see if that works or you minimally get an error indicating the
real problem.

Lastly, and sorry for stating the obvious, but please ensure the DB
is up. I’ve seen apps that relied on MySQL (or other DB) that didn’t
report much if that DB was down.

I created a totally new project and did script/server. When I go to
the index page and click on “About your application’s environment” I
get the error: - - [11/Dec/2005:21:31:32 MST] “GET /rails_info/properties
HTTP/1.1” 500 0

in the server console. This is driving me totally crazy because I
have another app that I created just two days ago that’s working just
fine. I mean if I got some kind of error I could at least try to
trouble shoot this but this is just ridiculous.


The DB was up fine, as I said, another app was working great.

I have no clue what the issue is, but I remembered back to my Windows
days for the ultimate fix - reboot. Now it’s working. I’m truly
clueless as to why, because I hadn’t installed any new libs when it
was failing or anything…but it’s working now so I don’t particularly
care anymore.

Thanks for that link to the website, I appreciate it.


On Dec 11, 2005, at 11:51 PM, Pat M. wrote:

If it happens again, try removing the session files from your temp dir
see if that straightens it out. I’ve experienced the same thing and
I’m not
sure why it’s not reporting the error these days.

Scott B.
Lunchbox Software

This sounds highly related to the error message you mentioned in your
original post:

“Controllers::RailsInfoController: missing default helper path

Looks like this was added in 14.4 (RC5). I can’t be much help here
as I’m on 14.3. Sorry.

I had this same problem on Friday, and a friend of mine had just
yesterday (both w/ Mac OS X 10.4.x) . The solution? A simple reboot.

I followed the traces but didn’t found where exactly the problem is. It
goes until Controller instantiation, but it breaks for non-logical
reason. Then, I gave up, rebooted and everything goes fine.


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