WEBrick freezes overnight

Each morning when I return to work, I find that my WEBrick server has
stopped working. The process is still running, but when I try to
connect to it with a web browser, the browser doesn’t get any response
back. Usually when this happens I cannot control-c the process to
shut it down, and not even “kill” works-- I have to get rid of it with
kill -9. I then restart it and it runs fine for the rest of the day.

Is this a known problem with WEBrick? Or does it reflect some
configuration problem?

I am running WEBrick on RedHat Enterprise Linux.


Yeah, it’ll do that.
Most folks use Mongrel now.

sudo gem install mongrel

Recent versions of Rails (1.2.x) use Mongrel when you run script\server
you have it installed.

Otherwise, start it with

mongrel_rails start -d

That runs it in the background on port 3000 in dev mode.

Stop it with

mongrel_rails stop

A lot of current documents, books etc. about Rails clearly state that
WEBrick is to be used only for development and testing, and never for
production. Perhaps you missed that, Paul.

Like Brian said, that’s why Mongrel was created.