Webrick can not support such a request/response?

The following procedures:
1 Browser send a http request to controller A and wait for response
2 controller A send a http request to controller B and wait for response
3 Browser will not get the response unless controller A got response
from controller B
btw there exist only one pc for developing.
Webrick can not support such a kind of request/response?
From the log I traced i found that the connection that controller A want
to establish with controller B will be return an error of time out.

That’s absolutely correct.

A singe Webrick or Mongrel only supports one active Rails thread
at a time. That thread takes the response, and issues another
against the same Webrick or Mongrel. The second request cannot
begin until the first completes, and the first cannot complete
until the second completes, thereby giving a classic deadly

– Tom M.

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