WEBrick access from other computer

Here’s a strange one. I’m getting into Rails and have installed Ruby and
RoR onto a Linux box for testing (Ubuntu). It all seems to work while
I’m on the linux machine. Using WEBrick I can go to the page and see my
test page.

But I want not have to sit at the linux box to play around, so I tried
accessing the WEBrick server from another system on my network and it
does not work.

Accessing locally I get: - - [02/Dec/2005:17:47:59 EST] “GET /my_test HTTP/1.1” 200 5

  • -> /my_test

that’s fine.

But if I access from another machine, anything other than the index.html
page in the Public folder results in WEBrick returning a 500 server
error, such as: - - [02/Dec/2005:17:48:05 EST] “GET /my_test HTTP/1.1” 500

  • -> /my_test

Can WEBrick not be used like this? or is there a configuration I have to
change somewhere?