[WebOrb] Error: Send failed while I am trying to run Primitive Tests

Hi, all

Could someone help me with weborb’s tests from Flex application?
Then I run server and it is working, but when I click Run Primitive
Tests - I have error message Send failed.

C:\ruby\loginexample>ruby script/server
=> Booting WEBrick…
=> Rails application started on
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server; call with --help for options
[2008-01-30 22:11:05] INFO WEBrick 1.3.1
[2008-01-30 22:11:05] INFO ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24) [i386-mswin32]
[2008-01-30 22:11:05] INFO WEBrick::HTTPServer#start: pid=2921
port=3000 - - [30/Jan/2008:22:12:15 Malay Peninsula Standard Time]
“GET /examples/main.html HTTP/1.1” 304 0

So, I dont what does mean 500 and 11094 and why this error message


Guys, can someone provide me detailed instruction how to test weborb
for RoR and Flex?

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