WebObjects Development training

Übermind, Inc., a leading developer of enterprise level applications,
announces it’s WebObjects I Development course. This five day course
offers an intensive look into designing, building and deploying Web
applications using Apple’s WebObjects technology.

Based on over a decade of professional consulting on WebObjects
projects - for clients from Apple to the U.S. Department of Defense,
from Disney to the U.S. Postal Service - we have developed a
curriculum which reflects a hands-on, real-world perspective to
webobjects development.

For the Rails developer WebObjects offers strength and flexibility.
The ease of use of Rails is not lost in WebObjects. At the same time
the WebObjects application server increases scalability through an
elegant data persistence layer which spans the request response loop
and can be shared across all requests.

For details of the course syllabus and to register, refer to our
training page, http://ubermind.com/training/. The course will be
administered in our training facilities in Seattle, Washington, July
17th - 21st. Questions regarding the course and other logistics may
be forwarded to [email protected]

For more details on developing WebObjects and downloading the IDEs -
which ship free with Mac OS X 10.4 - refer here to Apple’s website:

Michael Xenakis
Übermind, Inc.
[email protected]