WEBLOG in RUBY.. Can u help me?


Hello all

Can you help me in writing (or finding an already written) code to read
a weblog file
has the form: - frank [10/oct/2000:13:55:36 - 0700] “get/apachi_pb.gif
HTTP/1.0” 200 2326

And then produce the following statistics:

  1. #of times an IP or a domain name visited the web site
  2. Total # of unique IP
  3. #of times each different web page was visited in the web site
  4. Total # of hits and unique visitor per site for every day in the web
  5. Total # of hits and unique visitor per day for every month in the web



just as a note. You are going to really confuse people if you call that
weblog. “Weblog” is the long form of the word “Blog”.

What you’re talking about doing is parsing “server logs” or “log files”

There are tons of apps designed to do specifically that. I’d recommend
taking a look at analog and webalizer. Both free and opensource but not
written in ruby. There is, of course, and entire industry built around
writing apps to parse log files in interesting and useful ways.

  • kate = masukomi


Well the standard tool for web server log analysis is analog
(www.analog.cx) which is available on a wide variety of platforms. You
can use it with report magic (www.reportmagic.org) to create nice

Nothing to do with Ruby but then your question has nothing to do with
Ruby either.