Webistrano 1.1

Webistrano is a Web UI for managing Capistrano deployments. It lets you
manage projects and their stages like test, production, and staging with
different settings.

It took a little longer because we got some feedback at Rails Conf
Europe that we incorporated.

Further Webistrano now has its new home and own Trac/Wiki/Ticketsystem
at the Peritor Labs:


This means that the Subversion URL also changed. If you tracked
Webistrano through svn, please switch to new URL:

svn switch --relocate http://webistrano.rubyforge.org/svn/trunk/

The major change in version 1.1 is a new shiny UI by the curtsy of
Marcus Lamer.

Further recipes are now associated to stages and not projects anymore so
that different stages of a project can have different recipes.
Webistrano now also set two variables inside recipes by default. Those
two variables ( :webistrano_project and :webistrano_stage) are set to
the project and stage name and can be used to do some decision making
inside your recipes.

Upgrading from 1.0 is quite easy, just download the new version, copy
your configuration files over and upgrade the database:

RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate

The roadmap for the next versions includes some basic monitoring
capabilities and some form of permission management that lets you manage
which user can deploy which projects and so on.

The screencasts have not been updated yet but the content they provide
is still valid, the only change is that recipes now belong to stages.

Direct download link: