Webgen 0.5.3 released

Hey everybody!

webgen 0.5.3 has just been released! If you don’t know what webgen is,
read the “What’s webgen?” section down below.

This announcement is also available at

This release brings some usability and feature enhancements to webgen
as well as several bug fixes. Also note that this release requires
facets version 2.4.3 instead of 2.4.1!

  • Setting some configuration options (for example, the path patterns
    used by Webgen::SourceHandler::Copy) was very complicated in previous
    releases. With the introduction of configuration file helpers this gets
    much easier now. For example, adding some path patterns for
    Webgen::SourceHandler::Copy can be done like this now:

        add: [**/*.pdf, **/*.avi]
  • A new source handler for automatic feed generation has been added.
    This is the first part of the blogging support that will be introduced
    in the following versions of webgen.

  • The styling of the menu tag has been modified: an additional CSS
    class specifying the current menu level has been added and the
    surrounding div tag has been removed.

    This may break websites which relied on the surrounding div tag
    with the webgen-menu CSS class for styling!

  • I have added upgrading information for upgrading 0.4.x websites to

List of changes

  • Major enhancements:

    • Added a feed source handler for generating atom and/or RSS feeds.

    • Added a sitemap source handler for generating XML sitemaps

    • Ported the sitemap tag and feature-enhanced it

  • Minor enhancements:

    • Added configuration file helpers
    • Updated metainfo source handler to be more efficient.
    • Updated breadcrumb trail tag to allow the specification of a
      start and an end level and added better node change checking.
    • Added new meta information kind for specifying the kind of a node
      (used, for example, by the new sitemap tag)
    • Added new meta information change_freq and priority (used by
      the new sitemap source handler)
    • Added new meta information draft which can be set on paths that
      should not create any nodes
    • New level specific CSS class names for generated menus
    • Removed unnecessary div tag surrounding generated menus
    • Added upgrading information
  • Bug fixes:

    • Meta information sort_info was not correctly set which lead to
      sort errors when creating menus.
    • Fixed bug with meta information change detection: modified_at was
      taken into account although this changes on every content change.
    • Fix some other bugs releated to the meta information modified_at.
    • An API change in facets from version 2.4.1 to 2.4.3 prevented
      webgen from working, now facets 2.4.3 is needed for webgen.
    • Fixed bug in template source handler: template chain resolution
      stopped at default.template in sub directory and did not go further
      towards the root directory.

What’s webgen?

webgen is a tool to generate static websites by combining content
with template files. You create one or more template files in which
you define the layout of your page and where the content should go.
After that you create page files in which you only define the
content. You can use a variety of markup languages like Textile or
Markdown or Haml to define your content and you can add dynamic parts
via ERB or by using webgen tags. This allows the automatic generation
of menus, breadcrumb trails and much more!


gem install webgen


See http://webgen.rubyforge.org/documentation/