Webgen 0.5.11 released

Hey everybody!

webgen 0.5.11 has just been released! If you don’t know what webgen is,
read the “What’s webgen?” section down below.

This announcement is also available at

In this release there are two big changes regarding the internals of

  1. The dependency on facets has been removed since it was only used in
    two or three places and since the facets project is not very stable
    regarding its API.

  2. The default markup language used by the webgen is Markdown and the
    default processor for converting Markdown to HTML has been Maruku
    for a long time. However, Maruku has some bugs that need to be
    fixed and although it runs under Ruby 1.9 there are some issues.
    Therefore the new default processor for Markdown will be
    kramdown from now on. Aside from being actively maintained, it
    is about 5x faster than Maruku and runs on Ruby 1.9 without

    This means that if you used the default configuration, you will
    automatically use kramdown from now on. If you still want to use
    Maruku, just change the default processing pipeline for page files:

      Page: erb,tags,maruku,blocks,fragments

    The short name markdown now also refers to kramdown instead of

Aside from the new content processor kramdown, another content
processor for LESS has been added and the content processor
head has been updated to handle arbitrary link tags. Many bugs
have been fixed in this release as well.

Note: All deprecated methods have been removed in this release!

  • Major changes:

    • Added content processor kramdown (faster Markdown parser)
    • Added content processor less (extends CSS with variables,
      mixins, operations, …)
    • Updated content processor head to allow the specification of
      arbitrary link tags and links to javascript and CSS files by the
  • Minor changes:

    • Added a CSS class to the HTML tag of the currently selected
      language of Tag::Langbar (requested by Damien Robert)
    • Removed dependency on facets
    • All deprecated methods have been removed
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed atom feed template to produce completely valid feeds
    • Fixed order of feed entries (now sorted from most recent to oldest)
      (reported by Tuomo Valkonen)
    • Fixed error in SourceHandler::Virtual when creating virtual
      directories (reported by Tuomo Valkonen)
    • Fixed bug in ContentProcessor::Blocks: context.dest_node was
      not correctly set when #render_block was called via the context
    • Fixed bug in Sourcehandler::Main: an error was raised when the
      configuration option output.do_deletion was set to true
      (reported by Thomas Deselaers)
    • Fixed RF#27075: Typo in webgen documentation (reported by Luis
    • Fixed bug which occured when archive-tar-minitar was not installed
    • Fixed CSS bug with sub directories in style bundle
      ‘andreas07’ (reported by Thomas Deselaers)
    • Fixed a bug with path patterns not matching correctly (reported by
      Damien Robert)
    • Fixed bug in ContentProcessor::Tags with regard to parsing
      strings/files with a multi-byte encoding under Ruby 1.9 (reported
      by Stefano C.)
    • Fixed bug in terminal size detection (webgen CLI now works in Emacs
      shell buffer) (reported by Bob Dobbs)

What’s webgen?

webgen is a tool to generate static websites by combining content
with template files. You create one or more template files in which
you define the layout of your page and where the content should go.
After that you create page files in which you only define the
content. You can use a variety of markup languages like Textile or
Markdown or Haml to define your content and you can add dynamic parts
via ERB or by using webgen tags. This allows the automatic generation
of menus, breadcrumb trails and much more!


gem install webgen


See http://webgen.rubyforge.org/documentation/