WebDav on rails


I am trying to do webdav on rails. I already did it with PHP so it
should not be
much difference.

However I have some problems.

  1. When Word sends PROPFIND it sends GET request with XML inside the
    body. However I cannot seem to get this information.

request.body returns no such method even though request.inspect shows
there is
instance variable called @body.

How can I access that?

  1. Is there a way to send status code “207 Multi-Status” back?

If I do render :text => ‘something’, :status => ‘207 Multi-Status’, it
remains as the number 207 only…


On 5/24/06, Moshe B. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

remains as the number 207 only…

Rails mailing list

There was a thread on rcalendar list about WebDav.

You may find the below post useful?




Thanks, but I already made the controller and
managed to get the PROPFIND and other request