Webby 0.7.3

== Webby
by Tim P.
(the “Happy Spork” release)

== Description

Webby builds websites. It’s not a framework. It’s not a webserver.
It’s not a content management system.

Webby builds websites very, very well.

Webby will take text files written in your favorite markup language,
combine them with some fancy layouts, and output HTML files. You can
upload these HTML files to a webserver, and PRESTO!!! There’s your

Webby makes it dead simple to do all this.

Webby has documentation (in progress).

Webby has friends:

http://www.pea53.com/ ← my personal site that is still just Lorem
Ipsum right now

Webby needs to be installed on your computer right now!

sudo gem install -y webby

== Changes

  • 2 bug fixes
    • Fixed file line endings on Windows when creating a new site
    • The setup.rb task now requires rubygems in case it is not in the
      user’s rubyopt

== Enjoy

== Fun Fact

A can of SPAM is opened every 4 seconds.

== Post Script